The Overseas Program

Yeshivat Midbara K'Eden is opening its doors to serious students from overseas interested in learning and growing in Torah under the instruction of renowned Talmidei Chachamim.

A student from abroad who chooses to learn at Yeshivat Midbara K'Eden will be immersed, not only in Torah, but in life in the Holy Land.  Our overseas students will learn and dorm with their Israeli peers, gaining knowledge and insight that transcend the printed page, while building relationships that will last a life time.  An accelerated Ulpan program is available for any student who requires it.  

And, the learning will not be limited to the Beit Midrash.  Our students will take monthly trips throughout Israel, supplementing their textual knowledge with first-hand exposure to our land and our history.  

Additionally, our students will do a week of army training and spend a week working on a farm in Chalutza.  There will be Shabatonim in various places, including Jerusalem, Zafed and Hebron. 

A wide variety of guest lecturers will address the students and each of our students will have the opportunity to participate in community-based outreach programs Mitzpe Ramon, as well as in other Negev communities, and army bases in the area. This generally includes Chavrutot and various chesed projects.