Rav KustinerHarav Tzvi Kustiner Shlit"a - Rosh Yeshiva and Posek. Harav Tzvi studied in Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav under the supervision of  Rav Avraham Shapirah, zt"l, and Rav Tau, Shlit"a. He received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin from the Rabbanut HaRashit LeYisrael.  In addition, Rav Tzvi  serves in the IDF as one of the heads of the IDF Rabbinical Training Program. He served as the Rosh Yeshivah of the Dimona Yeshiva for seven years before opening Yeshivah in Mitzpe Ramon eight years ago. Throughout the years, Rav Tzvi has given weekly shiurim throughout Eretz Yisrael,  In addition to being Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Tzvi is the Rav of the garin HaTorani in Mitzpe Ramon.  


Harav Ehud BarzilaiAsistant Rosh Yeshivah and Menahel Ruchani Semichah Rabbanut HaRashit LeYisrael. Rav Ehud studied in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav under Rav Mordechai Sternberg (Rosh Yeshivat Har Hamor) Rav Tau, and Rav Tzukerman. Aside from teaching in the Yeshivah, Rav Ehud gives weekly shiurim in many yeshivas including Yeshivat Or Etzion, Ramat Gan, Yerucham, Carmel, and the Army preparation program in Yated. Rav Ehud is a lieutenant in the IDF. He is known as one of the foremost experts in Emuna classes, especially Rav Kook’s writings.

Rav Tzvi and Rav Ehud forge personal relationships with every student that lasts for many years beyond the students’ time in the yeshivah.

Harav Yosef HorovitzHarav Yosef HorovitzRa"m Gemara and Halacha. Rav Yossi studied in Yeshivat Har Etzion, and Mercaz Harav. He has received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin from the Rabbanut HaRashit LeYisrael. Rav Yossi has served as the Rosh Kollel of the Atzmona Kollel, and currently gives shiurim in Shavei Hevron and Carmel and also serves on the educational facutly at Yeshivat Har Hamor, along with the shiurim in the Yeshivah. Rav Yossi made Aliya with his family from New York and currently lives in Kiryat Arba.


Harav Shmaryahu HoffmanHarav Shmaryahu Hoffman - Ra"m Gemara. Has studied in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav and Yeshivat Har Hamor under Harav Mordecai Sternberg. He made Aliya from the USA with his family when he was six years old. He has been teaching in the Yeshivah for the past five years and frequently gives shiur to neighboring army bases.


Harav DidiHarav Didi Lanzman - Ra"m Halacha. Rav Didi is an alumni of the yeshivah.  He also studied in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav. Before joining the Yeshivah’s faculty, Rav Didi spent seven years teaching in the local high school. His family made Aliya from Florida.


Harav Eli Adler - Ra"m Emunah. Rav Eli Studied under Rav Neriah at Kfar Haroeh at High School. Later on he studied in the yeshivah at Beit El, Mercaz Harav, and the Atzmona Kollel at Gush Katif. Aside from teaching in the Yeshivah, Rav Eli teaches at Yeshivat Shavei Hevron, and at the Army preparation program at Yated. Rav Eli has also published two books Tefilat Yesharim on prayer, and VeHigadta Lebincha on the Haggada. Rav Eli is one of the founding members of the Yishuv Neve in Chalutza. Rav Eli is a first lieutenant in a logisticts division in the IDF.


Harav Ailon MeirHarav Ailon Meir –  Ra"M, and Coordinator of the American Program. Rav Ailon made Aliya fourteen years ago from Staten Island and has studied in Yeshivat Shaalavim, and in Yeshivat Shavei Hevron under the supervision of Harav Moshe Bleicher Shlit"a. He has been a student of Rav Shimon Zered in the Kollel in Harish and Yevul, as well as in the Atzmona kollel in Gush Katif. Prior to moving to Gush Katif, Rav Ailon lived in Hevron, helping to settle the "shuk".  In addition to his Torah studies, he has served as the educational director of the summer camps ISE, and Moledet. Rav Ailon is a medic in the IDF.


Shmuel (Shmulik) Koka – Manager of the Yeshiva. Shmulik is an alumni of the Yeshiva, where he received his Semicha. Aside fom managing the Yeshivah, Shmulik manages the garin HaTorani. He has served as educational coordinator and as dorm councellor in the local high school. He also helped found the settlement "Negohot".